Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Do you want to offer your product or service to our audience?

We reach around 1,000 people a day per post created just through our Facebook page, we also have over 6,000 people following us on Facebook (all organic) and have around 3,000 users registered and using our website with an additional 7,000 receiving our weekly newsletter. We also have a very active Twitter account with well over 1,000 followers and encourage them to use our website which means whichever medium attracts them they'll see your publicity.

In addition, through our partnership with local radio we reach an additional 20,000 more people a month.

Why Advertise With Us...?

On average we receive:

  • 4,500 visits to our website each month (around 2,700 of these are unique)
    • That's almost 100 unique visitors each day !
  • Our Facebook page reaches between 1,000 - 10,000 people each week
    • That's roughly 500 - 1,000 additional users each day !
  • Our newsletter goes out to over 3,500 users a week and through readio we reach an additional 20,000 users a month
    • That's around another 1,500 additional people each day !

That means it costs around .001 cent per user you reach to use our platform !

How much does it cost?

There are three placements on our website that are available:

Reduced Until The End of February !

Above fold:

Your publicity is placed above the content and visible on every page.

Cost: 49 Euros per month

Cost: 25 Euros per month


Your publicity is placed in our sidebar and visible on every page.

Cost: 25 Euros per month

Cost: 12.50 Euros per month

Below content:

Your publicity is placed below the content area and visible on every page.

Cost: 12.50 Euros per month

Cost: 6.25 Euros per month

Newsletter inclusion:

We can also promote your business through our weekly newsletter which reaches roughly 4,000 users per week.

Cost: 25 Euros per month


All our banner ads are tracked so if you do not have Analytics installed on your website we can inform you of how many impressions your publicity received and how many users clicked the banner.

If you choose to be included in our newsletter we can also tell you how many users opened and viewed the publicity and how many clicked through to your website (this would be seen in Analytics as email referrers).

And If You Sign Up BEFORE The End Of February We'll Hold These Prices For You For The Life Of Your Subscription !

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